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Ian Jauslin 6cc2982d81 Update to v1.0.1:
Fixed: Typo in the expression for the full equation.

  Fixed: Broken citation.
2020-11-17 22:14:21 -05:00
Ian Jauslin 26171da37a Update to v1.0:
Fixed: Missing prefactor in the expression of f-f*f

  Fixed: 1/rho is convex, not concave.

  Fixed: Miscellaneous typos and small changes to the formatting.
2020-08-05 01:59:08 -04:00
Ian Jauslin 196f3d05a9 Update to v0.1:
Added: Theorem on positivity of solutions.

  Added: Reference to [CJLL20]

  Added: Theorem on decay rate is now more general.

  Fixed: Clarified the discussion in point 2-2 of the proof of the theorem
         on decay.

  Removed: open problem about positivity of solutions.

  Fixed: Format of named theorems.

  Fixed: Minor formatting fixes.

  Fixed: In proof of decay: indenting error.
2020-03-03 01:28:58 -05:00
Ian Jauslin e6bf8349d7 Initial commit 2019-12-16 15:06:59 -05:00