Ian Jauslin 0e75d9f05d Update to v0.2.1:
* Changed: title formatting.
2018-04-16 05:41:09 +00:00

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* Changed: title formatting.
* Fixed: corrected the leading order in the asymptotics for \rho_1 in
theorem 1.2.
* Fixed: The clusters in the cluster expansion are multi-sets, not sets.
* Fixed: The Ursell function in lemma 3.3 needs to be divided by the
multiplicity of each element.
* Fixed: In the proofs of lemma 3.4 and theorem 1.2, when individuating a
polymer from a cluster, one needs to sum over its multiplicity so
as to avoid overcounting.
* Fixed: Wrong estimate in the proof of lemma 3.4 which changes some of the
* Fixed: Missing a smallness condition on \alpha in the proof of lemma 3.4.
* Fixed: Wrong argument for the analyticity of \zeta in the proof of
theorem 1.2.
* Fixed: miscellaneous minor tweaks, reformulations, clarifications and
* Fixed: deleted erroneous reference to Kramers and Wannier.
* Fixed: changed boundary conditions.
* Fixed: definition of \mathbb S(X).
* Fixed: miscellaneous minor tweaks, formatting and typos.
* Added: informal description of Gaunt-Fisher configurations.
* Changed: title.
* Changed: reformulate main theorem.