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* Typeset
In order to typeset the LaTeX document, run
pdflatex Gallavotti_Jauslin_2015.tex
pdflatex Gallavotti_Jauslin_2015.tex
* Files
Gallavotti_Jauslin_2015.tex :
body of the paper.
bibliography.BBlog.tex :
list of references.
BBlog.sty :
bibliography related commands.
header.sty :
list of packages.
iansecs.sty :
main style file.
kiss.cls :
barebones class file
toolbox.sty :
collection of useful commands.
* Coding style
In the body of the paper, an effort has been made to keep the LaTeX code
'standard', avoiding self-defined commands whenever possible, and sticking to
TeX and basic LaTeX commands. In some instances however, such an approach would
have been too restrictive, and commands defined in the style files listed above
were used.
Many of the commands defined in 'iansecs.sty' are drop-in replacements for
standard LaTeX commands, though some functionality may be lost.
* Bibliography
The bibliography was generated by BBlog, which produced the
bibliography.BBlog.tex file. All of the required code to adequately typeset
the reference list and define the commands used to cite them are contained in
that file.